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If you want curated ‎NYC connections, introductions and business opportunities, you want to talk to Razor Consulting.


Razor Consulting was founded on the strength of 35 years of commitment to quality connections in NYC. The integrity and trust we have was built over time ensures high level introductions which foster the growth of new relationships. Outsourcing business development saves staff time and preserves resources for senior leadership. Our clients are strategically introduced to individuals in our large and high quality network that have powerful decision making influence.


We begin with an in-depth analysis of our clients' operations and their targeted markets prior to reaching into our network for synergies. This allows clients to focus more time on their priorities. As an outsourced business development organization, we enhance what you are doing on a day-to-day basis by leveraging our relationships and making connections at the highest level – a level you have not been able to reach due to time constraints and limited resources.



Diverse backgrounds, common traits

Our clients are high performing companies with great reputations who are looking for deeper connections in the NYC market - They all meet the following criteria:

- Looking for a competitive advantage using strong relationships

- Have limited time to develop connections and find opportunities

- Agree to the commitment of a one year investment in their future

If one or more of the above statements describe your company then it's time to contact us for an initial conversation.


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